Family House

This project  could represent a dream house for a pretty big family. At least I like to think so. :)

Blender, OctaneRender for Blender
Blender, OctaneRender for Blender


I’ve never been to Santorini and not even sure will ever go there so I decided to make my own piece of the beautiful architecture of the island.

Blender, OctaneRender for Blender
Blender, OctaneRender for Blender

Hair gradient tutorial

A short tutorial how to use hair gradient.

Octane for Blender v3 tips

OctaneRender for Blender v3,  new features.

Steampunk cufflinks

Found a picture of these cufflinks on the Internet and they caught my eyes immediatelly. So, now I own them, in 3d.:)

Blender, OctaneRender for Blender

OctaneRender for 3ds Max 1.X to 2.X scene converter


I made this script to convert materials in my old scenes. If anybody else find the script useful for themselves too – you’re welcome to download it.

Octane Converter menu
Dialog window

Steampunk flies

I came across images these steampunk flies somewhere on the Internet and found them very interesting from the material point of view. Made them just for fun though I really like them.:)

Blender, OctaneRender for Blender
Blender, OctaneRender for Blender


Antique Photo camera

As often happens to me, I’ve found a photo of an antique photo camera on the Internet and decided to make a replica of it in 3D.  I was completely captured by this huge amount of tiny details with footprints of time on them.

Blender, OctaneRender



Living Rooms









Light, bright and clean

I’ve found a photo of this interior somewhere on the Internet and fallen in love with this full of light and volume room. The Scandinavian style of the interior makes it a little bit cold but very bright and clean.

Light, bright and clean
Blender, OctaneRender




All these are not photos – this is the 3D World modelled by me, and you are very welcome here.