Furniture catalogue

I took part in a big project of making a catalogue of furniture for a furniture store in Moscow city.¬†Using only measurements which had been sent to me I’ve created images which look like snapshots of real rooms.

My job was to create ten bookcases and twelve wardrobes for living rooms and bedrooms. And in order to show them in the best possible way I have created an environment for every single object.

All 3D images were created using 3Ds Max and OctaneRender.

Bookcase No.1
Bookcase No.2
Bookcase No.3
Bookcase No.4
Bookcase No.5
Bookcase No.6
Bookcase No.7
Bookcase No.8
Bookcase No.9
Bookcase No.10

Wardrobe No.1
Wardrobe No.2
Wardrobe No.3
Wardrobe No.4
Wardrobe No.5
Wardrobe No.6
Wardrobe No.7
Wardrobe No.8
Wardrobe No.9
Wardrobe No.10
Wardrobe No.11
Wardrobe No.12

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